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Interview 6 with Gail E. Haley

Haley, Gail E. (6)
Wright, Christina
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Haley, Gail E.; Cecil Sharp House (London, England); Acrylic painting; Children’s literature; Folk literature; Green Man (Tale); Illustrations; Nature; Pub signs; Interviews (Sound recordings); Oral histories
Gail Haley, an author and illustrator of children’s literature born in Charlotte, N.C., recounts her continuing career as a children’s author. In this sixth of sixteen interviews, Ms. Haley relates working on The Green Man (1979). Ms. Haley describes her initial discovery of the Green Man as a figure on pub signs. She recalls the way the images resonated with her, which in turn motivated her to research the character at locations such as the Cecil Sharp House. Eventually she decided to create a book inspired by her research. Throughout the interview Ms. Haley discusses the many variations of the Green Man and his connection with stories of wild men, the Green Knight, Hamlet, and other archetypes. She also recounts her theories on the usage of masks in conjunction with the Green Man and customs connected with his character across traditions. In addition to describing her research and ideas, Ms. Haley explains the techniques used to create illustrations which reflected her vision of the Green Man by mimicking the style of Medieval tapestries through the use of acrylic paints, canvas, and rubber resist. Other themes in this interview include the importance of nature, rituals, her personal experiences while completing the book, and the enduring nature of the Green Man in her life.
England--London, circa 1970s - 2007
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Charlotte, N.C.
Interviews with Gail E. Haley
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