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Mary Farr Interview

Farr, Mary
Perzel, Edward
Perzel, Edward
Date of Interview: 
religion, WWII, World War 2, World War II
Mary Farr gives a brief diatribe on the loss of religion in the country at large.
Interview Setting: 
Interview as part of the WSOC-TV Oral History Project. Interviews conducted at either the downtown public library or the Midtown Shopping Mall.
WSOC-TV Oral History Project
Collection Description: 
The Oral History Project of 1979, headed by Dr. Edward Perzel, was an effort to gather and preserve spoken recollections. Interviews were conducted with older citizens, primarily over the age of 65, who were encouraged to share their memories and stories.
EP (Ed Perzel): We'll sit here all day. This is Ed Perzel interviewing Mary Farr on October 23, 1979. What do you want to tell us about?
MF (Mary Farr): Well, I remember when I first took my first history course. And they said, history means his - story, which is a story of God and his dealings with man and nations. As I look around the world today, the thing that impresses me most is the changes that I have seen in man's turning away from God. I can remember, I was born in 1916. And I can remember when I was little everybody left their front door open. I don't remember ever hearing very much about breaking in, stealing, crime. Everybody that I knew went to Church. Everybody that I knew believed in God. Everybody that I knew thought that America belonged to God. I went to school for twelve years. I went to the university. I wanted to be a teacher.
EP: What university?
MF: I went to the University of Georgia. And then the war broke out. Hitler was invading everybody. And the Pentagon called on all the professors to come to Washington and help to win the war. And so I took myself to the Pentagon, and I started to help to win the war. And I saw America, she might have been a sleeping giant that waked up. The factories just got so busy and everybody was working full speed, full tilt. I remember Roosevelt said, "Never had he seen America stand up and be so strong as when they were trying to win the war." People found out they could do anything. Women could build airplanes. Men could invent new airplanes, new boats, new missiles, new everything. And during the war, a great many men got hurt, and they found out that when a man gets hurt, and you really want to help him and everybody tries you can invent new medicines. You can invent all kind of new things that you never dreamed you could invent. And with this surge of science and technology, we learned a great many material things, but some how people forgot about spiritual things. And then the people from all over the whole world started coming to America. And they said, "Oh, look at your farms. Oh, you got so much corn. In our country we are starving. We don't have any food." And so we started food for the world. And they said, "God has blessed your country, but he hasn't blessed our country." And we said, "Well, if you read in the Bible it says if a man honors God then God will bless every one of his undertakings." And little by little, they brought their ideas to America. Before you know it, people didn't believe in God anymore. They said, "The Bible was old fashioned. The twelve commandments were old fashioned." That the new thing was to lie if you wanted to, and steal if you wanted to. And murder if wanted to. And just have fun. I was sitting on the back seat looking at America, and I saw a gradual turning away from the Ten Commandments. But it didn't make our nation better. If those young people of today could live when I lived, oh, life was better then. Not for everybody but for many people. God was the center of their life. And now when I turn on my TV and my radio, everywhere I turn I hear say America has got to turn back to God or she's going to be like the Roman empire, and she is going to crash. And I read in my Bible and it says that God does not want man to do evil and die. He wants them to do good and prosper. And you wonder about God as he looks down at our world today. They say that God is going to intervene. That he's going to let man go just so far. And then he's going to say that's it. Every time I turn on my radio and my TV I hear people saying, "We've only got five more years before the whole world have turned its back on God and be living in a barbaric time." And it makes you stop and wonder what one person could do. And God says one person that prays is a very powerful, powerful, powerful source of God's light and God's wisdom and God's power. And you read about God and Moses and God and Abraham and God and Jesus and it makes one wonder if maybe among the students of today there is one who will be our new Moses, our new Abraham. It makes you wonder.
EP: You've done it.