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Interview with Carolyn Powell

Powell, Carolyn
Maignan, Rachelle
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Powell, Carolyn; Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools; Piedmont Open Middle School (Charlotte, N.C.); Andrew Jackson Training Program; Open plan schools; Teachers; School management and organization; Fund raising; Student activities; Multiculturalism; North Carolina--Charlotte; Interviews (Sound recordings); Oral histories
Carolyn Powell discusses her experiences as both a teacher and administrator at Piedmont Middle School. Ms. Powell began her tenure at Piedmont middle school as a teacher in 1978, and held the position of assistant principle from 1994 to 2004. Ms. Powell discusses both the rewards and challenges of being an educator. She speaks very fondly of her time at Piedmont Middle School and shares various stories, including her winning season as a basketball coach, and a visit from First Lady Barbara Bush. Ms. Powell discusses changes in educational philosophy and student culture during her career. Ms. Powell was in the process of retiring from Piedmont Middle School at the time of this interview, and she closes the interview by praising the staff and administrative team at Piedmont Middle School.
North Carolina--Charlotte; 1978 - 2004
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Piedmont Open Middle School (Charlotte, N.C.)
Oral History, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, Open Schools Series
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These interviews focus on the history and significance of open education in the Charlotte Mecklenburg School System. They were inspired by a school history project at Piedmont Open Middle School in 2004.
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